Pictures Of The Observing Site at Gran Quivira, New Mexico, March 2009, taken by Mitch Luman, Mike Borman, and Pim Borman

- Mike Borman's "Big Rig" at a rest stop on the long drive to New Mexico.
- Mike Borman and his 18" Obsession and Orion 190mm Mak-Newt.
- Orion 190mm Mak-Newt on G11 mount for astrophotography.
- 18" Obsession with Argo Navis and Servocat.
- Pim Borman.
- Observing Site Panorama.
- Donna Emmons.
- House at the observing site.
- Gregg Eubanks sets up his 30" Obsession with Donna setting up her 15" Obsession in the background.
- Gregg, Mitch and Donna.
- Gregg sometimes regrets getting a 30" Obsession instead of a Harley!
- Mike polar aligning the G11.
- Gregg readies the 30".
- Mitch Luman uncovers his 20" Obsession.
- Donna readies her 15" Obsession for observing.
- Mitch self portrait.
- Left to right - Kevin Bonges, Mitch, Donna, Travis, and Gregg.
- Kevin Bonges - Trip Organizer.
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