Astrophotos taken by Mike Borman during Okie-Tex 2011.Deepsky images taken with a modified Canon XSi DSLR through an Astrotech 8" RC optical tube on a Celestron CGEM mount. H-alpha solar images taken with a Imaging Source DMK41AU02.AS camera through a Televue 102iis refractor with Coronado SM90 h-alpha filter. White light images taken with a DMK41AU02.AS camera through a Lunt white light solar wedge attached to an Orion 100mm f/9 ED refractor.

- Comet Garradd (2009 P1).
- Helix Planetary Nebula (NGC-7293).
- Iris Reflection Nebula (NGC-7023).
- Edge-on galaxy NGC-891.
- Silver Coin Galaxy (NGC-253).
- Little Dumbbell Planetary Nebula (M76).
- Big sunspot 1302 in h-alpha.
- Big sunspot 1302 in white light.
- Small sunspot in h-alpha.
- Solar disk in h-alpha.
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